Newport Boats

Newport Boats

Boat Number Range: 5292-5299, 5425-5444, 5460-5469, 5480-5499, 5943-5966, 5979-5998, 6301-6303, 6318-6327, 6340-6351, misc. additional numbers up to 6375.
Dates: 1972-1978

Newport Boats were built by Harry Sindle following his first Albacore building venture, Sailing Dynamics. The Newport boats are most readily identified by their stern decks which form the top of a large stern buoyancy tank. Unlike early Whitbys, which also had stern decks, the thwart and centerboard case of the Newport boats were all fiberglass. They also had a fairly large bow tank and black vinyl rubbing trim along the gunwale.

Newport Boats #5297
Newport Boats #5297

Albacore #5425 showing large stern buoyancy tank
Albacore #5425 showing large stern buoyancy tank, one of the most distinctive features of the Newport Albacores.

Albacore #5425 showing the bow tank construction
Albacore #5425 showing the bow tank construction, centerboard case and thwart.

brand mark
Newport Boats placed their brand mark on the aft buoyancy tank near the floor. The emblem was a foil adhesive and many have been lost, faded or corroded over the years. This one is still in readable condition. Hull #/Racing Sail number were embossed in foil.

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