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By Peter Duncan

This guide is to help owners of Albacores identify the builder, age and sail number of Albacores. As created, this resource focused on Albacores built and sailed in North America, UK built boats are also identified where significant numbers have been imported to North America. In time, this resource can be extended to include many UK builders as data is developed.

Rules require that the sail number of all Albacores be engraved in keel aft of centerboard case or in transom in letters at least 1 inch high. This rule did not go into effect until about 1968- boat # 2000. Boats built prior to this date may not have this identification on the hull. There are some boats built later than this point that did not comply with this rule. If a 3 or 4 digit number as described above is found in a boat, it is most likely the sail/hull number for that boat. If such a number is not found, then other means must be used to identify the boat.

Prior to boat #2000 there may be some duplication of numbers as several builders in different countries started their own numbering sequence. Boat numbers higher than 2000 should be unique regardless of country of manufacture or use.

The following are descriptions for each builder and give approximate dates and ranges for sail numbers they produced. Numbers on sails with a boat are also a good indication of the boat number, but as sails are frequently lost or purchased second hand, this is a less reliable method of identifying a boat. If you have a boat that is not pictured here, please photograph it (view of cockpit from the stern is most helpful) and send photos to webmaster [at] albacore [dot] org. We will try to identify the boat and add it to the listing.

Information sources for this document include:

  • CAA Measurement Records, notes by George W Roth, Mar '04
  • USAA Boat Registry
  • 1990 Canadian Albacore Handbook
  • Various USAA and CAA Yearbooks
  • Various articles and histories appearing in class newsletters:
    • USAA-Albacourier,
    • NAA- Alive and
    • CAA- Shackles and Cringles
  • Personal recollections from various class members

Original compilation by Peter Duncan, 2004

Once you have identified your Albacore, you can add it to the class registry by clicking on the following link to Creat New Boat.

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