The International Albacore Registry is almost ready for the members to use.

In this registry we look forward to having all the past and the present owners of the Albacore manage and keep up to date the public information about their sailboat.

The previous Albacore Registry was working fine. Why did you change it?

The previous Albacore Registry did a really good job getting Boat Owners accustomed to the concept of sharing Boat information. There were a couple of areas that need to be addressed:

  • The previous Registry was written in .ASP and used Microsoft Access for a database. Unfortunately, the new servers cannot use .ASP or Microsoft Access.
  • The previous Registry had a standalone Owner's database. The new Registry leverages on the work that has been done on the Canadian and US Albacore Association websites. The usernames, membership managament and concept of nodes are available in the Registry. That means you only need one username to remember (or forget) in order to manage all your Albacore data. If you update your address on one of the websites, it will be recognized in all the other websites.
  • The previous Registry had no GIS API. This meant that there was not trivial way of displaying Boats on a map.
  • The previous Registry did not allow a user to transfer ownership of a Boat.
  • The previous Registry did not have an easy way to Upload and display photos of the Boat.

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